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Welcome to the Willow Hollow Ranch Website

Thank you for visiting our Internet site.  There's a lot of new things in store for 2017.

[Updated: November 9, 2017]...Willow Hollow Ranch in Winter. Contact us at: willowhollow@att.net or willowhollow1@gmail.com 

WHAT'S NEW:   Happy Thanksgiving!!  On March 9th, 2018 we will be celebrating 17 years at the Ranch.  There's been an enormous interest in our programs and activities.  We've just added upcoming events page, check it out.  Please leave your name and how to contact you at the guest book so we can let you know specific dates and times of activities.

June 2017, we hosted Carroll High School's Art Camp for the fourth year in a row.  Dozens of teenagers with cameras and art media spent the day scoping out our horses and the beautiful scenic areas of The Willow Hollow Ranch to photograph, draw and paint.  We were excited about having them coming to our ranch.  In years past, we have trailored our horses to the school.  Having the students come here was so convenient and safe for everyone.

If this is your first visit to the Willow Hollow Ranch Website we're so glad you've found us and we welcome you to tour and browse the site. 

In brief, you should know the following about us: The Willow Hollow Ranch was established in 2000.  Our friends who come to the ranch particularly value the tranquil and serene setting of the rolling hills and winding creek. Right: Slip N Slide Hill